Anything Goes – March 2005

Director & Choreographer: Eric Pover
Musical Director: David Greatbanks

The Cast

Reno Sweeney – Linda Race
Billy Crocker – Tom Sargeant
Hope Harcourt – Fiona O’Connor
Sir Evelyn Oakleigh – Darren Thornhill
Moonface Martin – Eric Denyer
Bonnie – Lisa Pountain
Elisha J. Whitney – Frank Millward
Mrs Wadsworth T. – Margaret Taylor
Harcourt – Ray Cowdall
Bishop Henry T. Dobson – Bill Kynaston
Captain – Ian McKay
Purser – Paul Nevitt
Steward – Caroline Burcher
Angel – Linda Campbell
Angel – Dena Goodrich
Angel – Charlotte Platt
Angel – Heather Taylor
Reporter – Nick Hogben

The Story

All of the action takes place on the S.S. American, sailing from New York to England. On board are the beautiful American heiress Hope Harcourt, her English fiancé Sir Evelyn Oakleigh and Hope’s mother. Stowing away on board is Billy Crocker, a young admirer of Hope’s who can’t believe she would really marry the silly Sir Evelyn and determines to try and stop her.

Public Enemy Number Thirteen, with his moll Bonnie, is also along for the ride and he passes on to Billy the passport and ticket of a gangster friend of his who didn’t catch the boat. This leads to unwelcome complications for Billy as he and the Public Enemy have to keep changing disguises to avoid arrest.

Keeping the steam at boiling point in the ship’s engine room and working the stabilisers overtime is sexy, incandescent Reno Sweeney, ex-evangelist and currently night club singer. With her help all the shipboard disasters are averted and all the romances sorted out – including her own.

This show, widely regarded as the very best of Cole Porter, shows off all the consummate skills of a master right at the very pinnacle of his powers.