Kiss Me Kate – March 2007

Director & Choreographer: Eric Pover
Musical Director: David Greatbanks

The Cast

Pertruchio – Eric Pover
Kate – Linda Race
Bill Calhoun – Andy Jordan
Bianca – Charlotte Platt
Paul – Darren Thornhill
Hatty – Alison Brander
Hortensio – Simon Dean
Gremio – Paul Banister
General – Paul Nevitt
Baptista – Frank Millward
Stage Doorman (Pops) – Bill Kynaston
Ralph (Stage Manager) – Tony Hoy
Wardrobe Mistress – Beth Blount
Gangster – Rob Earl
Gangster – Graham Wilkes

(Review taken from NODA)


Crewe Amateur Musicals Society
Director & Choreographer: Eric Pover
Musical Director: David Greatbanks

The Society celebrated its change of name in a sparkling production of the revised version of this favourite show, despite unbelievable traumas (see District 8 Newsletter).

Director Eric Pover took over the leading role of Fred Graham/Petruchio at short notice and gave an excellent performance. He was partnered by Linda Race who was in fine form as Lilli Vanessi/Katherine. Their scenes were first class in every respect.

Charlotte Platt sparkled as Lois Lane/ Bianca. So too did Andy Jordan in the role of her partner Bill Calhoun/Lucentio.

But the depth of talent and experience extended well beyond the main principals. The roles of Bianca’s other suitors – Gremio and Hortensio – were in the capable hands of Paul Bannister and Simon Dean; Frank Millward was in his element as Baptista, and Alison Brander as Hattie and Darren Thornhill as Paul were both in fine voice.

Robert Earl and Graham Wilkes hammed it for all they were worth as the Gangsters and Paul Nevitt was General Harrison Howell who, in the revised version, performs the musical number “From This Moment On” which he did to great effect.

The production moved at a cracking pace with imaginative choreography, performed admirably by the dancers and tuneful, well-drilled chorus routines. The costumes were first rate; so too were the sets.

The entire production was a credit to all involved. Many congratulations.