Me and My Girl – March 2006

Director & Choreographer: Eric Pover
Musical Director: David Greatbanks

The Cast

Bill Snibson – Andy Jordan
Sally Smith – Fiona O’Connor
Jaquie Carstone – Debbie Cornock
Gerald Bollingbroke – Darren Thornhill
Maria the Duchess of Dene – Margaret Taylor
Sir John Tremayne – Graham Wilkes
Herbert Parchester – Paul Nevitt
Sir Jasper Tring – Frank Millward
Charles, the butler – Bill Kynaston
Lord Battersby – Eric Denyer
Lady Battersby – Sue Dodd
Mrs Brown – Joyce Walker
Bob Barking – Tom Sergeant
Ancestor – Bill Kynaston
Ancestor – Eric Denyer
Ancestor – Iain McKay
Ancestor – Danny Williams
Ancestor – Arthur Blakemore
Ancestor – Ken Brindley

(Review taken from NODA North West)


A trade-mark production by Eric Pover with lively, well choreographed routines performed by well drilled chorus members and dancers and outstanding performances from the principles.

Andy Jordan excelled in the role of Bill Snibson brilliantly partnered by Fiona O’Connor as Sally Smith. Margaret Taylor was the paragon of straight-laced aristocracy as Maria, Duchess of Dene, with Graham Wilkes in fine form as Sir John Tremayne.

Making her debut with Crewe AOS Debbie Cornock was delightful in the role of the gold-digging Lady Jacqueline Carstone and Darren Thornhill was the complete upper-class twit, The Hon. Gerald Bolingbroke.

Paul Nevitt was a vigorous Parchester, going into his maniacal dance at the slightest opportunity and Bill Kynaston was the Butler, Charles, who delivered with dead-pan aplomb what I consider to be one of the funniest responses in the entire show when asked if he had ever been in love – “Oh no sir, I am married!”

The musical numbers moved at a good pace with tuneful accompaniment and the entire show was complemented by good costumes and sets providing the enthusiastic audiences with first class entertainment.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What the audience said:

We attended “Me and My Girl” at the Lyceum Theatre last Friday evening. What a wonderful performance! We enjoyed it so much. The acting, costumes, singing, dancing and scenery were first class. Our only regret is that we didn’t attend earlier in the week so that we could have returned! Congratulations to all involved. We look forward to your next production.
S&A B – Wilmslow

May I take this opportunity to congratulate the Society on a great production. “Me and My Girl”, despite the set-backs that occured, was a wonderful show and my congratulations to everyone involved in the production. Thank you for a truly enjoyable evening. Look forward to your next production.
JG – Congleton

The music, dancing and superb acting was a delight to see and the interpretation of the main characters was again superb. The joyful and lighthearted performance of the male lead was so polished as to have me wondering where the word “amateur” belonged. By the end of the show I felt vindicated in my decision to buy the tickets and travel to Crewe for an amateur production. I can positively proclaim I have not been so well entertained in many years. I wish the members of Crewe Amateur Operatic Society much success with this production and look forward to seeing more of their thespian excellence in the future.
MD – Blackpool